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Children learn to play cooperatively at Kidsland

Children reading and sharingPROGRAMS & GOALS

Goals and Objectives

Our primary goal is to provide high quality care for children in a safe, secure and positive environment. This atmosphere will assist the total development of each child at his/her own pace.

Teachers are loving, caring and involved in planning a quality program that gives children opportunities to explore, experiment and develop creativity. The program gives children opportunities to socialise with others, learn socially acceptable behaviour, encouraging self-esteem and independence.

Infant Care

The objective of bonding and trust is achieved through consistent and responsive primary care. Children's needs of feeding, diapering and cuddling are met quickly, predictably and viewed as opportunities for positive adult-infant interactions. Personalised schedules and interactions throughout the day encourage learning, developing and growing in their own unique way.

Toddler Care

Toddler beginnings of independence are supported with planned activities of short duration that require little sharing. Children are consoled and cuddled during frustrating attempts of trying out new skills. The environment is flexible, supporting each child's needs for a balanced day.

Delivery of our Program

Toy truckToys and equipment are provided for a chronological age range. Playrooms are arranged in different activity centres such as:

  • Dramatic Play
  • Library
  • Music Centre
  • Art Centre
  • Table Top Toys
  • Puzzles
  • Blocks & Floor Toys
  • Sand Play
  • Water Play
  • Science & Discovery

Toy dogThese activity centres are updated and maintained. We continually replace, rearrange and assess each centre for further learning possibilities. By understanding the development and cognitive capacities of each child, we match learning to abilities. Teachers guide children, allowing them to problem solve, thus increasing their sense of effectiveness and competence.

Daily Routines

Each day includes various activities.

Free Play Large blocks of time during the day consist of free play. Free play allows children to choose their own activities from well-defined activity centres. Teachers interact with children, providing guidance and encouraging them to problem solve, promoting learning.
Group Time This time consists of children-teacher or teacher directed activities. Crafts stories, songs, etc. It can be based on specific themes for special occasions. These activities enhance eye and hand co-ordination, fine motor skills, and creativity, pre-reading and pre-writing skills. Children are encouraged to participate.
Gross Motor Play This time consists of children-teacher or teacher directed activities promoting physical Development. Conducted indoors and outdoors, depending on the weather.
Hygiene Time This time provides an opportunity for children to acquire good personal habits (e.g. Hand Washing).
Transition Time Consists of a short time period between two activities. This period is kept to a minimum and usually does not last more than five minutes. It is a very busy time for both teachers and children. Transition songs enhance this short time.
Rest Time This period provides opportunity for younger children to sleep and for older children to rest. Alternate quiet activities are available for children who do not need to sleep. If a child spends a very long day at the centre, it is advisable to schedule sleep time so that the child can spend a quality evening with his/her parents.

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